Wednesday, 7 April 2021

things to do newly married couple

International trip
Love and mercy

Owning supporting fullflling desires honoring contributing
Owning strength and weakness
Supporting weakness

Baby clothes baby furniture
Place of birth 
Lazy and irresponsible will affect
School fees, grocery, food ,milk

Money, family, work life balance
Both point of view ,happy life and partner happiness
Household chores

Keep 10k at home
Boy give her happiness and take care and know about her and love her last
Going out  movie ,walk ,trip fun
Apologize, polite ,easy go easy cool mood
Lack of communication
Share your password
Forgot and forgive
Good memories remember love
Inlaws respect ,needs anything ,treat her like your friend,pocket money if she not have job ,treat her family members with respect.

Oil massage ,bazzar walk ,cooking. joint account
List out asset and liability bank fd, rd, eps, ppf 
Nominee details

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