Wednesday, 2 March 2022

how to earn money from google in India, ways on how to earn money from Facebook and Microsoft

 ways to earn money from google in  india

blogging getting sponsorship,affilate marketing and adsense

youtube reels and videos getting money from ads

creating app in playstore and selling

google maps reviewing 

google opinion rewards

google taskmate app doing small tasks

google translate 

google news

search engine evaluator job

uhrs job

google bugs finding bugs in google

google books

way to earn money from facebook

facebook reels

viewpoint app


faceboook page sales

facebook marketplace

ways to make money from microsoft


bing rewards 

by excel teaching video

Monday, 19 April 2021

part time job online at home

Uhrs is a cloud platform by Microsoft
Website to earn money

Quadrant resource

business idea's in india practical genuine working

Hydroponics microgreens 
Mushroom oyster
Appen  lionbridge clickworker teemwork
Freelancing e-commerce pakkumattai
Affiliate marketing 
Poultry and trees
Ecommerce seller pannaolai
Mystery shopping
Flex jobs va

Thursday, 8 April 2021

ways to lead a happy life India genuine and practical

Have big goals
Inspire yourself
Read books and solve the problem
Good relationship and friend
Serve people
Eat delicious food
Love God and loved ones
Be thankful
Help others
Share with other thought, time and do suprise
Smile more
Be healthy
Be yourself
Pet at home
Please and thankyou word
Stop being negative
Problem solving
Give compliment
Get enough sleep
Meditation and park
Favorite movie, music, 

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Chennai and thiruvallur district tourist places

Fort St. George
Besant nagar beach famous fish fry and spring potato , goli soda, bajii and sea shell, pearl products
Nearby astalakshmi temple. 
Dakshina chitra museum
Maria beach and light house, vivekanandar house
Rippon building
Vgp marine kingdom ,Vgp , snow kingdom,Click art Museum
Mgr film city
Scuba diving
Choki dhani
Pulicat lake
Royapuram fishing harbour
Birla planetorium and guindy children park
Theosophical society
Connemera library

things to do newly married couple

International trip
Love and mercy

Owning supporting fullflling desires honoring contributing
Owning strength and weakness
Supporting weakness

Baby clothes baby furniture
Place of birth 
Lazy and irresponsible will affect
School fees, grocery, food ,milk

Money, family, work life balance
Both point of view ,happy life and partner happiness
Household chores

Keep 10k at home
Boy give her happiness and take care and know about her and love her last
Going out  movie ,walk ,trip fun
Apologize, polite ,easy go easy cool mood
Lack of communication
Share your password
Forgot and forgive
Good memories remember love
Inlaws respect ,needs anything ,treat her like your friend,pocket money if she not have job ,treat her family members with respect.

Oil massage ,bazzar walk ,cooking. joint account
List out asset and liability bank fd, rd, eps, ppf 
Nominee details

Thursday, 25 March 2021

ways to become rich in India genuine

Have emergency cover 10k cash at home
medical and life insurance must have
liquid funds do  mutual fund 
 Have recurring deposit, fixed deposit in bank
Real estate land, renting our residential or commercial space ,buying house. 
Invest in stock market,  buy gold, silver . 
Post office monthly income scheme, national pension scheme, ppf, national saving certificate, atal pension yojana,epf 
Have budget every month

investment startup
Investment in franchise

Use Home rent invest in rd and fd and mutual funds and bonds.